German Food: Apfelstrudel

Some ancestors on both sides of my family were from Germany and in January/February 2008 I had the opportunity to take a short course in Stuttgart and spend more than 4 weeds in Germany. I don’t care for some German foods, but one thing I love that is used frequently in foods there: apples!

For breakfast yesterday morning I made an apple strudel (German: apfelstrudel). I made my the dough from my grandma’s sweet roll recipe and then rolled it into a rectangle. I thawed frozen apples (again from the apple tree at home last fall) and added some flour, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg in similar proportions to what would be used in an apple pie. I put the apple mixture on one side of the dough, folded the other half over, and pinched the outer edges to seal. Then I used a knike to make cuts in the top. I baked for about 35 minutes at 350 degress. This is the baked strudel:

I sliced it and drizzled with powered sugar icing:


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