What to do with extra Truffles?: Raspberry Truffle Cookies

Every year before Christmas I make hundreds (literally) of truffles for gifts and to take to family gatherings. It seems as though there are always leftovers and after the new year rolls around everyone is tired of candies. I got the idea a few years ago to chop them and putting them in cookies.

Last week I made a whole batch of truffles to make the Frozen Raspberry Truffle Cupcakes. I split the batch into thirds so I had raspberry, chocolate and almond truffles. Since I had extra truffles and because I finished finals yesterday and was excited to have time to bake, I made the truffle cookies last night.

To make them, just start out with the dough from your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. Then chop whatever flavors of truffles and add to your cookies. For the first set of cookies I added chopped raspberry truffles and chocolate truffles. For the second set of cookies I added cocoa to the dough to make them chocolate and added chopped chocolate and almond truffles.

The chopped truffles and the cookie dough:

The finished cookies:

The Raspberry Truffle Cookies are a favorite of mine and the others in my office and I really like the pink coloring in them! I would also recommend making them with mint truffles, especially when added to chocolate dough. But don’t stop there… I’ve made these cookies with many flavors of truffles and have never been disappointed so make them with your favorite!

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