Weight Test

I’m making my first real wedding cake in 3 1/2 weeks! It’s coming up so fast. The day of the wedding I have to set up the cake early in the day because I have another wedding to go to. So, I decided I needed to do a weight test to be sure this thing wouldn’t fall over before the reception even started. So I made a “test” cake which is exactly the same size as the real one will be. I didn’t decorate or worry about smoothing the frosting so it’s not real attractive, but it still works. I also didn’t cut the supports far enough (just in case the real one is a little taller I didn’t want them to be too short to use so in this one you can see an extra space above the ball spacers that won’t be there on the real one. Also, on this one I didn’t put wooden dowels in the middle of the plastic supports, but I will on the real one so it will be even stronger. It’s good I did this because I learned an important lesson…. the balls need to be lined up!! In the picture you can see I didn’t think about that on this one. You can also see I set it on a table in my living room and lined the carpet around the table with garbage bags in case it does fall. Overall though, it turned out pretty good. I set it up at 9pm last night and it’s still looks great…. 10 hours, whew!

This cake is a little over 2 ft. tall, has 30 eggs in it, took 40 cups of batter, 6 pounds of powdered sugar and 3 pounds of shortening, and would serve approximately 130 people. Now, who wants to eat cake today?

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