Cake Ball Pops

When I bake cakes I always level them and then freeze the portion that I cut off. Before I’d even hear of “cake ball pops” I had been mixing the cake scraps with frosting and rolling the mixture into balls which I dipped into chocolate. They were a bit hit in my office! Then a while back I cake across the Cupcake Pops on the Bakerella blog. Click on that link to see all the great ones that she has make! A couple weeks ago when I made a practice wedding cake (See Weight Test) I had a lot of leftover cake. So I tried making them into “pops” for the first time. Here I formed balls from dark chocolate cake mixed with chocolate frosting and dipped them into milk chocolate.

3 Responses to “Cake Ball Pops”
  1. Krista Joy says:

    My version is pretty simple and doesn’t take too much time since I just made balls. I know what you mean though, the ones that they have done are cupcake shaped and dipped in multiple colors of chocolate. Those would take a lot of time!

  2. wrar says:

    Are they worth all this effort? I have been intrigued by them, having read both bakerella and PW.

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