I Couldn’t Make A Wedding Cake Without…

My favorite kitchen tools!

While practicing and making the wedding cake last weekend I determined these are my four favorite kitchen items… all items that I could not have survived the wedding-cake-making-process without!

#4: Wilton Cake Release

Really necessary? No. Shortening and flour will do the job just as well. Convenient? Yes. It saves the shortening/flour mess that happens when you do it that way. Just squirt the cake release into the pan and spread around with a pastry brush. Use a good quality brush so the bristles do not fall out while spreading. A silicone pastry brush (like this one from J.A. Henckels) is a good option. Another downside to using shortening and flour is the white residue that is left on the cakes, especially noticeable on dark colored cakes. When using cake release there is no need to use flour so dark colored cakes look great!

#3 Wilton Large Cake Leveler

I considered purchasing one several times in the past, but I always talked myself out of it because I was skeptical about how well it would actually work. I finally bought the large cake leveler because I knew that for the wedding cake all the layers needed to be perfectly even. And I was happy to find it worked great! I was able to easily “saw” through the cake cutting the top off. I have pictures showing the “topless” cakes in my First Wedding Cake post.

#2 Plastic Pipe Cutter

The supports in this cake are from the Wilton Globe Pillar and Base Sets. The instructions say to cut with a serrated knife. I tried this. Although I was able to cut through the tubing, it was a horrible cut with jagged, uneven edges. So I purchased an Empire Plastic Pipe Cutter from Sears for about $15 and it cut a perfect straight edge and was much easier to do. I had trouble finding the exact Empire Plastic Pipe Cutter I bought online to provide a link, but if you click on “Plastic Pipe Cutter” at the beginning of this section you’ll see a listing of similar pipe cutters.

And finally, the item that no kitchen should be without:

#1 Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer

A few years ago my great-grandma passed away at age 99 and I got the stand mixer she had. Needless to say, it was also pretty old. But I was thankful to have it, so I used it until it quit working last year, literally I used it so much it died. Shortly after that, my parents gave me a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer and it was most definitely the best gift I have ever received…. and probably the one I get the most use out of! I think Kitchen-Aid has a good enough name for itself that I do not need to elaborate any more on the quality and the perfamance of their products. I expect that I will not kill this one as quickly as I did the last one!!

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