Wedding Cake #2 is Huge!

My second cake baking experience for a wedding was quite a bit different than my first experience in June (See First Wedding Cake post). The typical wedding cake may be several feet tall, but this one was several feet long! The final cake was 4.5 feet by 2 feet and it was transported on a 56″ by 26″ piece of plywood. I am glad I found a few friends – including two strong guys – to help me move it because it was VERY heavy!

To get a cake that big I pieced together 6 sheet cakes – 12″x18″ each – and iced them all as one big cake. Half was chocolate and half was white. There was a small round cake it the center for the bride and groom – it was an oreo cake at their request. The cake was decorated with a flourish design that I cut out of black fondant. The same design was used in decorations throughout the wedding/reception – on invitations, menu cards, seating signs, etc. For a few finishing touches a silver letters made by the wedding planner were placed on top of the round cake and sparkly beads and rose petals were places around the base of the round cake and around the edges of the entire cake.

The piece of plywood covered with plastic tablecloth, the cakes pieced together and two pictures of the iced cake:

The cake with the flourish design before the round cake was added and then after it was placed on top:

The final cake with the letters, beads and rose petals:

2 Responses to “Wedding Cake #2 is Huge!”
  1. Krista Joy says:

    Thanks! Definitely not a “typical” wedding cake but I thought it was really fun to make something so different!

  2. I have never seen a wedding cake like this, but it is really neat and looks great!! Nice job!

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