Banana Rum Brownies

Another recipe from the Favorite Brand Name Cookbook. The Banana Rum Brownies are found on page 158 of the cookbook. This recipe uses a brownie mix to begin with. I actually used a homemade brownie recipe, and was disappointed in how these turned out. I suspect that it may be better to use a brownie mix as the original recipe directs but I have not tried it that way. If you do make this recipe using a brownie mix, let me know how these turn out for you. I really like the thought of these brownies, so in the future I may try to create a similar recipe that is better than how mine turned out using a homemade brownie base. The original recipe is below – I would love to have comments from anyone who tries these!
Banana Rum Brownies

1 box (about 21 oz) brownie mix
1/4 c. chocolate milk or regular milk
1 Tbsp. rum extract
3 DOLE bananas, cubed
1/2 c. toasted chopped pecans

Prepare brownie mix in large bowl as directed on package and set aside. Heat milk and extract in saucepan until hot. Add bananas and stir for 1 minutes to heat through. Pour banana mixture and nuts into brownie mix and stir. Pour into lightly greased 9″ square pan. Bake ~ 40 minutes in preheated 350 degree oven.


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