Wedding Cake 9.19.09

I made another wedding cake for a wedding on Sept. 19. It had 3 round tiers: 6″ chocolate cake with chocolate frosting filling, 8″ white cake with raspberry filling, and 10″ chocolate cake with chocolate frosting filling. I also made 2 white sheet cakes with buttercream frosting and 2 chocolate sheet cakes with chocolate frosting which were served to guests in addition to the tiered cake.

I was lucky to be able to bake this cake in the kitchen at the church where the couple got married for two reasons: #1 did not have to worry about transporting the cake a long way and #2 the church had an amazing kitchen! It had 3 professional ovens (I couldn’t even keep up with all 3 so I only ended up using 2), 2 large professional grade fridges and 1 freezer, an island that was ~6’x12′ in the center with more counter space all the way around on 3 sides, 1 double sink and 1 large basin sink that I could fit my 12″x18″ pans down into, and on the other side of the kitchen – yes, all of that was only in one part – was a professional dishwasher and a large stainless steel “3 basin sink”. I really wanted to take the whole kitchen home with me!

The bride requested the cakes be iced with plain buttercream frosting and she provided me with ribbon – coordinating with her colors/table settings (for pictures see my post on the truffles I made for the wedding: Wedding Truffles as Guest Gifts) – to go around the bases of the cake:


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