Recipes from Christmas Cookies Post

In my Christmas Cookies post earlier this week I posted a picture of a few cookies I made for a Christmas cookie exchange and said that I would post the recipes before Christmas. I do not have the internet set up (yet) in my new home so I thought I would post when I came to my parent’s home for few days for Christmas. Once I got here I realized that I would need to HAVE the recipes with me in order to post them. But I was able to round up the recipes I used (or at least close to it) and I have posted the links and some other helpful information below!

The cookies in the upper-left third of the picture are ginger cookies with some of them dipped halfway into white chocolate. I used a recipe with dough to make drop cookies, so I rolled them into balls, flattened slightly and baked. If you want to cut into shapes, use a ginger cookie recipe for rolling.

This recipe for Ginger Snap Cookies from looks like it is a good ginger recipe for making drop cookies. The recipe I used also called for molasses (which really adds to the flavor of a ginger cookie, I recommend using a recipe with molasses) and crystallized ginger. I did not have crystallized ginger on hand so I just formed the cookie dough into balls and presses the top into large sugar crystals. However, I would recommend using crystallized ginger in these. From what I have read, it really “makes” the cookie.

The cookies in the bottom third of the picture are Peppermint Swirl Cookies. I believe the recipe actually came from my Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook, but regardless it is a Betty Crocker recipe and it is actually available on the Betty Crocker website as Peppermint Swirls. These cookies make an attractive addition to a cookie tray for holiday gathering and are perfect for the peppermint lover in your family.

The cookies in the upper-right third of the picture are bar cookies, a recipe that I made up using a Betty Crocker recipe as inspiration. I cannot remember what the recipe is called and I cannot find it on the Betty Crocker website. Possibly Almond Mocha Bars? Anyway, the Betty Crocker version can be found in the 2009 Betty Crocker Christmas Cookies Magazine. The base was Betty Crocker oatmeal cookie mix with coffee added. On top of that was melted caramels and they were topped with toasted almonds. To try this from scratch I used my favorite Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe (left the chocolate chips in.. why not) and added ~ 1 Tbsp. instant coffee powder. Then I based ~ 15 minutes. While that was in the oven I melted caramels and mixed in a bit for instant coffee powder. I removed the bars from the oven when the timer went off and carefully  spread the melted caramels on top. Then I added toasted almonds and put back in the oven for the remaining amount of time the bars were to bake. They turned out fabulously! I was told by one person these were the best cookies ever!

I do realize that it is after 4pm on Christmas Eve… I apologize for how late I am in getting this up. But, as promised, it is still before Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!


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