Christmas Crunch… Who says Red and Green can’t be used all week?

I can hardly resist making M&M Cookies with the special colored M&M’s for every holiday. This Christmas was no different and I whipped up a batch of Red & Green M&M cookies. If you made a batch and have some left over, you may notice that maybe they are starting to get a little dried out? Or maybe they are breaking up because they have been hauled around to all of your Christmas gatherings? Or maybe you are just tired of eating cookies and are looking for something different?

Whatever the reason… why not chop them up and add them to a mix?

There is a Chex recipe calling for Chex cereal, Pretzels, and Nuts to be mixed. You mix it all together. Then stir in melted white chocolate until well coated. Spread into a cookie sheet with edges, lined with waxed paper. Let sit for a few minutes and then break into pieces. Let the mixture dry completely and then drizzle melted chocolate over. Very easy.

So I decided to chop up leftover Red & Green M&M Cookies and add those to the mix. Plus I added some Red & Green M&M’s. Then I followed the same procedure.

I thought this was a great idea….. but to be honest, it is only good if eaten on the day it is made. Unlike the regular mix (without the cookies) which could be store in an airtight contained for a longer time, adding the cookie chunks will soften the crunchy components of the mixture. So, if you want the mixture to last a while or you may make a large mix and take it to multiple gatherings, consider omitting the cookies or throwing some in with the portion your are serving on a given day.

One Response to “Christmas Crunch… Who says Red and Green can’t be used all week?”
  1. Sook says:

    Looks colorful and chewy! 🙂 Yum!

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