My Sister’s Birthday Cake

Hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year, however you spent it! After being without internet where I live for a few weeks, I will finally have access at my house starting on Tuesday! Until then, I am just going to do this quick post… the birthday cake I made my sister for her birthday party in December. She is a huge fun of the color pink, John Deere… and therefore pink John Deere things! I had a great picture of only the cake, but I accidentally deleted it so I have no choice but to put up this picture of myself and my sister with the cake.

Best wishes for a great year!!

3 Responses to “My Sister’s Birthday Cake”
  1. katie says:

    Deere Kelsy? Did you make that up youself! ha ha very nice!

  2. Sydney says:

    Cute cake and REALLY cute haircut!

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  1. […] Last year I had the idea to make a birthday cake for Kelsi with “Dixie” on it, but she wanted a John Deere cake instead – click here to see the cake from 2009. […]

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