Decorated Cake – FFA Banquet

I was sure that I have posted about FFA before, but when I searched my blog looking for “that post” I realized that I have not!? I have a few posts related to 4-H but none to be found on FFA.

I recently made 6 decorated sheet cakes for the annual FFA Banquet in the school district in which I live now. This is the school that my fiance is an alum of. Although I did not know him at the time, both of us were very active in FFA while we were in high school and we both received the American FFA Degree, just one of the may things we found we have in common!

Some of you may be wondering, what is “FFA” I keep referring to? The National FFA Organization is a youth organization that is part of the agricultural education program in schools. A more in depth explanation can be found at the National FFA website. The organization is set up in schools, and each group is referred to as a “Chapter”. Chapters meet to compete in various speaking and judging competitions and other career development events at the section, district, state and national levels. All members are encouraged to develop an “SAE” (aka: Supervised Agricultural Experience) to keep records and report on. There are also competitions based on SAE projects. Although I grew up on a corn and soybean farm, I chose to follow my baking interest and do something a little more “non-traditional” for my SAE project. I started by going to the local farmer’s market and taking produce from our garden along with baked goods. I eventually stopped taking produce and just concentrated on the baked goods. I expanded my business quite a bit throughout high school by also attending a couple local craft shows and taking orders for candy, cookies and other baked goods, especially at Christmas time. I even got a few orders for decorated cakes back then! The people in my community were really supportive, several of my high school teachers placed large orders and a friends dad even had me make bags of candy for all (500) of his customers for Christmas one year!

Although I have not lived in my new community long, I can see that they are supported in the same way… I think that goes along with “small town” living. It was nice they thought to ask me to make these cakes, and the event has already spurred a few other orders!

Below is a picture of the cakes I made:

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