Easter Chicks

I always have great ideas for the things I am going to post on my blog for holidays… and then those always seem to come faster than I planned. Easter is only a few days away and I still haven’t posted any Easter food ideas.

Last night I decided to throw together these “cupcake chicks”, an idea I got from Betty Crocker, because they could be done pretty quickly. And when you don’t plan ahead, you don’t have all the ingredients. So when this recipe called for orange gumdrops (not something I keep on hand…) I had to find a substitute. I used carrots, which have the orange color, but lack the flavor to “go” with the rest of the concoction.

I made my cupcakes lemon flavor, so they would turn out yellow and because it’s “springy”!

I must admit Betty’s look a whole let better than mine, but I’ll show you my picture anyway.

The “recipe”, if you can call it that…

Make cupcakes.
Mix yellow food coloring into some coconut.
Spread white (or yellow) frosting of your choice on top of the cupcakes.
Immediately top with the yellow colored coconut.
Place to brown chocolate candy bits or chocolate chips on as eyes.
Cut orange gumdrops (or carrots if you’re like me) into a shape to resemble a beak and press onto cupcakes.


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