St. Louis Cardinal’s Cake PLUS Giveaway Coming Soon…

This post is FULL of important information… so keep reading.

First of all, April marks the one year anniversary of this blog… I can’t believe it’s been a year. In honor of my one year “blogiversary”, as I believe it would be call in the “blogging world”, I am doing a giveaway later this month. Watch for a post where I do a product review, and then offer the same product for giveaway, you will have to leave a comment on that post to be entered for a chance to win! CSN is the sponsor of this giveaway, with more than 200 online stores that sell everything from cookware to toys to workout equipment to barstools. Be assured the product for this giveaway will come from the cookware section!

Next, today is Brett’s 25th birthday!! He doesn’t like cake, and neither do I really. So he is getting a special birthday cheesecake… watch for that in a future post as well.

And finally, I had a birthday cake order last week for a St. Louis Cardinal’s themed cake. As a Cardinal’s fan myself, I thought it would be fitting to post the cake on the Card’s opening day, which is today! If the Cardinal’s would like for me to attend a game and review some tickets and then give a pair of those away… feel free to contact me because I’d be happy to do that as well! Just saying….

Now, what you really want to see, the STL Card’s birthday cake:

One Response to “St. Louis Cardinal’s Cake PLUS Giveaway Coming Soon…”
  1. Kate says:

    I love the Cardinals cake – and congrats on blogging for one year now!! Can’t believe it!

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