Earth Day Cupcakes

I will be the first to admit that I am no environmentalist. One of my college roommates was. For example, I would be scrubbing the kitchen counters (I always like my kitchen to be spotless) and have the hot water running so I could go back to the sink and rinse without turning the water on and off. Katie would walk through the room and shut the water off. Another example, Katie would put empty boxes and cans on one corner of the counter so when they piled up, they could be put in the recycling boxes outside. I would periodically through them away, because (once again) I do not like clutter on the counter top. Sorry Katie…

Now, I am not opposed to being an environmentalist, I do not litter, I hate when I see people litter and I do not like seeing trash laying around. The thing is, I am more concerned with having a clean kitchen than I am with conserving water and recycling. That surely has to be okay with anyone who eats food I have prepared!!

Regardless, I want to “celebrate” the fact that tomorrow is Earth Day on the blog. I made these chocolate cupcakes and topped them with green and blue swirled frosting… the colors normally used for land and water on maps and globes. I couldn’t resist topping with green and blue sparkle-flakes. I have used them on almost everything I have made since I first discovered them.

And “It’s A Small World”… the mini-cupcake version:

And my favorite, the mini-cupcake “recycle” design:



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