Guacamole for Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday. Last night I prepared a Mexican themed supper to celebrate. I even made Guacamole! Now I should not even admit this, because if I did not admit it, no one but the two girls I lived with at the time would ever know. I tried to make guacamole once last year and the really funny thing is that I only sort of like guacamole so why I wanted to make a batch of it just for myself is a real question. At that time I was grocery shopping and saw avocados on sale. I thought: I should buy some of those and make guacamole! I got myself all psyched up to make guacamole and as soon as I got home and put all of my groceries away I wanted to start making the guacamole immediately! So I cut into the avocados and removed the pit, I thought them seemed a little hard, but that didn’t stop me. I struggled to get the meat out of the peal, that still didn’t stop me. I put the meat on a plate and tried to mash with a fork. It was impossible to mash, and that still didn’t stop me. I was convinced those avocados were supposed to mash and I was going to make it happen. At one point I even had a blender out. Needless to say, those avocados were not going to have it, and my “guacamole” was very, very chunky. I later learned that you cannot use the avocados until they are ripe. They generally are very hard when sold and need to sit for a few days to ripen. The lightbulb went off and it all made sense then!

This time around I knew what I was doing. I bought the avocados on Saturday and made the guacamole on Tuesday. It worked perfectly. I cannot believe anyone would think they could make guacamole out of unripe avocados. Except, well, I did! They sliced smoothly. The peel basically fell off. The meat was so easy to mash. Oh so simple! I followed the recipe for Pioneer Woman’s guacamole. I did that because I LOVE her method, which consists of mixed some Pico de Gallo in with the mashed avocado and because I almost always have a homemade batch of “fresh salsa” (very similar to her Pico de Gallo) on hand.

I took pictures of my guacamole, but you cannot see them for two reasons. First of all, my pictures of guacamole are less than appetizing, as you can image. Second of all, I do not have access to my card reader right now, so I could not move them from my camera to the computer if I wanted to anyway.

The recipes for Pico de Gallo and Guacamole can be found in the Pioneer Woman cookbook on pages 16-17 and 20-21 or on her website by clicking here. Her pictures speak for themselves!

If you are looking for a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I recommend trying these recipes! But, I hope you bought your avocados a few days ago….


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