A Beautiful Wedding Shower

It is down to single-digits until wedding day and I still have not posted any wedding ideas that I am using. I do not want to do too much away before the big day, so I am going to start by posting about something that is past. In the area where I grew up it is customary that aunts and cousins, mothers of friends and other ladies in the Church and community offer to be a “hostess” for a shower when a girl gets engaged. I was fortunate to have a wonderful group of women host an absolutely beautiful wedding shower for me (and Mr. Swan!). Some of the decor used at the shower is similar to what we will use at the wedding. I will post much more about the wedding, after it is over! The wedding colors are black and white with gold accents, which was the same color scheme used at the shower. For any of you reading that helped with the shower, or attended, that you for making it such a great morning for me.

See what I mean when I saw “beautiful” decorations!?

And an up close picture. My mom put together these arrangements, which will also be used at the wedding:

The table centerpieces, my mom also put together all of these pictures:

I suggested the event be a brunch and the hostesses made plenty of delicious food including cheesy breakfast casserole, mini cinnamon rolls and muffins, fresh fruit skewers, and the lovely swans were made by one of my aunts and one of my grandmas made the filling. They are absolutely perfect for our “swan” theme. Just wait, I plan to feature these as a baking post in the future!

Me with my beautiful little sister, AKA my maid of honor! We are standing in front of the stage where there was a short program. My sister read a poem written by her and my mom about Mr. Swan and I growing up until we met. After every so many stanzas she paused and my two cousins who will be flower girls and one cousin who will be the ring bearer sang a short song, for example “Jesus Loves Me” and “The Wheels on the Bus”, that fit with what my sister read in the poem. They were wonderful! We also had a collection of wedding dresses which you can see behind us. We had the dresses of my mom, both grandma’s and one great-grandma and the dresses of Mr. Swan’s mom, one grandma and one great-grandma. My sister and Mr. Swan’s sister read a short description of each wedding dress and respective wedding.

A picture of me opening gifts, with plenty of help from the little ones at the shower! The little girl in the white is one of the flower girls!

2 Responses to “A Beautiful Wedding Shower”
  1. Sydney says:

    Looks gorgeous! SO EXCITED to see how it all gets tied together next weekend! By the way, weather channel says its a 40% chance of rain on your wedding day, but its alright- just adds more luck to your marriage 😀

  2. Sue says:

    What a special program they put on for your shower:) I love the swan cream puffs! Best wishes for your pending BIG day! BTW…very pretty sisters:)

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