Our Wedding Invitations

I hadn’t planning on making invitations. In fact, I was set against it. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to save money making your own invitations if you buy nice paper. These ended up being about $1 per invitation. Admittedly, these were on the lower end of prices I saw in magazines, but you can definitely find invitations for less than that.

One major tip I have if you are making your own invitations: be sure to keep size and weight in mind – not only of your invitation but also of your RSVP card. We took this into account when designing the invitations. We actually took these to the post office to check size in the early stages AND we checked weight with paper as or more heavy than what we would use, and an extra sheet inside just to be on the safe side. None of this is necessary if you aren’t concerned about paying extra postage, but it is important if you are working on a budget OR if you don’t want to have another stamp stuck on the outside. You can get pretty wedding themed stamps in 44 cent stamps, but some of the others you may need to use to make up the different aren’t so pretty!

I flipped through several wedding invitation magazines looking for something I liked. When I came across the Allegro II at American Wedding, I knew it was my favorite so far. But… it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. First of all it was square = extra postage. Second of all it was black and white, but I wanted to incorporate gold as well. And third I could put an “S” on it, but not our swan “S” logo!

Fast forward – – – – – > we are making invitations!!

I somewhat copied the Allegro II, but I designed the invitation to be printed on a half sheet of paper. After printing, only one cut was needed to end up at the right size. I made the insert cards (with a map I made and hotel information) and the RSVP cards to be printed on a quarter sheet of paper. Again, this made it easy to cut. A quarter sheet of the standard 8.5″x11″ paper is a valid size to be used as a postcard, so no envelopes were needed for those. A separate post is coming soon for both of those!

The paper we used was ordered from a local scrapbooking consultant, it was cardstock that was white with a subtle shimmer and small gold flecks.

The ribbon was purchased on after-Christmas clearance at Dollar Tree (yes Dollar Tree, where everything is $1… just image how much it costs on clearance!) and it was shiny gold with a criss-cross pattern. This pattern was carried out in other areas of our wedding as well.

Unfortunately I do not have a ton of pictures from the assembly process. But here’s the rundown: first came printing, then cutting. My mom did all of the printing for us and I did most of the paper cutting, including all of the slits to slide the ribbon through. My sister cut most of the ribbon. I put the ribbons through the slits. My mom and sister glued the ribbon in two spots, one of the front and one on the back. I address all of the envelopes and my sister assembled the final products and put the stamps on. Thanks to both of them for their help!

I am sure by now you are confused and just want to see what these things looked like, some pictures are below. I guess I don’t even have a picture of a completely finished invitation! I am sure I can find one somewhere. I try to be respectful of others personal information so there are a few blurs on the picture. I have also include the template I used.

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