2 Upcoming Giveaways

Look at me putting giveaway in the post title, it’s always such an attention getter! Even better with you make it plural and say “giveaways”!

Want to know what I’m giving away? And how to enter? Keep reading…

The first giveaway is sponsored by CSN Stores. Remember them? In case you don’t remember, CSN has over 200 stores packed into one site, that’s one site with one checkout, where you can purchase anything from home decor products, like these nesting tables, products for children like strollers, to cookware like a crockette. Click here to see the crockette giveaway I hosted earlier this year, which CSN Stores also sponsored.

The second giveaway is sponsored by, well… me! This giveaway is related to an announcement I will be making soon. Yeah, take that to keep you wondering….

Each giveaway will have it’s own post which will tell what I am giving away and include specific directions on how to enter. Both giveaways will take place between now and the end of October. The posts were the giveaways are officially announced may not have giveaway in the title and I’ll warn you now… they may be tucked in the middle of the post.

To be sure you don’t miss the giveaway posts….

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  1. […] still reading? You’re in luck! This is where you enter the first of two giveaways I announced earlier! This giveaway is for a $20 gift certificate to use at CSNStores.com. There are several ways to […]

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