Finally Functional

A few weeks ago I announced that I had become a Pampered Chef Consultant AND I sponsored a giveaway of a Pampered Chef Limited Edition Holiday Pumpkin Dish! I am excited to announce the winner is Kendall Crow – the reason I am so excited is because when I saw she was the winner I went to her blog and I love it! On my list of things to do, make the “Seasons Greetings” sign for my fireplace (see my fireplace in pictures below) which is featured on her blog here. I must also say that Kendall had multiple entries, guess that really can help!!

When Mr. Swan and I discussed joining Pampered Chef, he was quick to tell me “of course you should sell Pampered Chef, you are a ‘Pampered Chef'”! I would have to agree – I have almost any kitchen gadget a cook could want and a fabulous kitchen to work in. And the appliance people informed me that I picked out the biggest fridge you can buy when they saw that it barely fit into the space we left for it, which by the way, included extra space. The funny thing is that our so-called super-sized fridge is completely packed full… and it’s just the two of us! It’s not hard to figure out how our fridge is so full when you consider what we eat – taking into account dairy products alone, we manage to consume four gallons of milk and nearly 100 ounces of cottage cheese each week. But, the thing that is hard to figure out, where are we going to put the food if there are more than two of us someday??

On September 15 we moved into our bed-less, cabinet-less, kitchen-less, home which basically had only walls, a shower and a toilet. Hey, you really only need the necessities. After a few nights of sleeping on the mattress on the floor, we got the bed frame my parents gave us set up. It was the one that had been in my bedroom at my parents house for many years. A quick spray paint job to change it from white to black and we had a place to put our mattress! Also a few days after we moved that our cabinets were installed…. but no countertop. Our saving grace was the butcher block counter top I had picked out for the island which we got from a butcher block outlet store. At least with that we had a surface to work/eat from. Weeks went by and still no counter top. As I explained before, no counter top = no sink which is built into counter top = no dishwasher which can’t be hooked up until sink is hooked up. This situation didn’t keep me from working in the kitchen, as you can tell from the food posts over the past month, BUT it did make things a little complicated. I found myself “cleaning” dishes outside with the hose, and then packing them up to take to either my parents or Mr. Swan’s parents to put through the dishwasher so they could also be sanitary.

I am thrilled to say that as of October 16 we had a finally functional kitchen, complete with counter top, sink and dishwasher! I can’t even explain how excited I was/am! So why am I just now posting this? Well, my dishwasher  pretty much ran non-stop, day and night, for a week to wash all of the kitchen stuff we already had and the new things. Then it took me a while to figure out how to arrange my cabinets and get things put away. We have been enjoying our kitchen for a few weeks now and I have some updated picture to share of the process. We still have to frame the window, put up trim, hang the pantry doors, put a backing on the island and replace the old 4×4’s currently supporting the island top with permanent supports. But that’s okay with me because none of those things can keep me from having full use of my kitchen!

You may remember what our kitchen looked like before? Click here to see it.

Or what about during construction? I haven’t posted this pictures before showing the kitchen completely stripped, getting insulated AND the wall we knocked out between the kitchen and living room.

The open ceiling:

The same view, after the wall was taken out:

Insulating the walls:

And the ceiling:

The drywall going up:

And I can’t leave out the view from the living room before the wall was taken out – watch the the “now” picture from this same angle later in the post:

So what does it look like now:

The next two show the  view from the living room, you can see where the wall used to be where the header is at the top:

Another view from the living room:

Love my island!

View from kitchen into living room, again this is where the wall was:

9 Responses to “Finally Functional”
  1. avonbyshanna says:

    What a perfect kitchen for a perfect Pampered Chef!!!!! 🙂 😉 😉

  2. Katrina says:

    Your kitchen looks awesome. Love the island!

  3. Jacki says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! I wish that you would have saved the green stove for me though 😉 I am so happy for you guys! Next time I am home I will have to try to visit!

  4. Lisa says:

    That kitchen is gorgeous. I love how much cabinet space you have. By the way, I’m holding a CSN giveaway on my blog and you’re welcome to come by and enter.

  5. Nancy Erickson says:

    Brett & Krista:

    The kitchen looks great! I think you got a lot done in a short time! How do you find the time to do all this organizing, baking and cooking after work! Ii must be getting old!

    P.S. We might be the only ones that can eat more cottage cheese than the two of you. We eat go throught at least five large cartons in a week.


  6. Sydney says:

    I LOVE IT!!! How did you guys ever manage to take the “before” and envision what the “after” could be?!

    And I bought 25 lbs of flour and 2 lbs of yeast at Costco this week, so PLEASE keep up the baking posts!!!


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