Fall Themed Winery Wedding

I made cupcakes and truffles for a wedding on November 13. The reception was held at a winery located fairly close to where the bride grew up. This winery was the perfect setting for a rustic fall themed wedding reception. The color scheme was chocolate brown, deep purple, and burnt orange – and of course I colored my cupcakes accordingly to “fit in”!

I am now obsessed with wedding decor. Not only was picking out things for our wedding very fun, but I think part of the reason I like baking for wedding so much is that I can have a small part of “decorating” for another wedding. I doubt there is much of a market for wedding planners in the rural part of the Midwest where I live… but if I thought for a minute that I could make a living as a wedding planner, or even as an invitation designer, event planner, decorator, or the like, I would most defintely do it!

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to stick to the occasional wedding cake and critiquing the decorations at every wedding I go to. Hey now, don’t cross me off your guest list because I said that!

Here is a picture showing the table set-up. Rows of rectangle tables were set-up, covered in white tablecloth and a wide chocolate brown runner. Each place setting was marked with a program and one of the cheesecake truffles I made, in those cute little brown boxes. Tall and narrow glass containers are a great way to display the wheat on the tables, a very fitting decoration for the setting, theme and date. I placed an arrangement of cupcakes on the cake pedestals at the center of each table.

Take a closer look.

Ribbons were placed on each glass container of what and cake pedestal, in varying colors. Click here to see more pictures of the cupcakes and here to see more pictures of the truffles.

This is the head table, where the wedding party sat. The round table in the center has two small cakes that I made on it. These were the cakes that the bride and groom cut into for the traditional cake cutting. I realize now that I never even took of picture of those! The real reason for this picture though, is to show one of the “wagon-wheel-chandeliers” the lined the top of this room. I LOVE wagon-wheel-chandeliers. For some time now, I have hoped to have a home with a grand entryway someday, where I can hang a wagon-wheel-chandelier. I realize I just used “grand” and “wagon-wheel” in the same sentence, some people may not understand this!

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