Christmas Party Table Decor

I meant to get this posted last week. Now that Christmas is over and all thoughts are on the end of the year, the start of 2011, and even Valentine’s Day, I’m not sure that anyone will still be interested in a post about table decorations for a Christmas Party?!

Maybe you remember these Chocolate Mint Truffles

from a few weeks ago? As promised at that time, I’ve included some pictures from the table decorations I put together for that night.

A reminder that I am working on a dessert table for a New Year’s Eve wedding. I will post some sneak peak pictures of the wedding desserts this week and watch for the finished dessert table next week.

A close up of the centerpieces. The glass bowls can be purchased at many different craft/hobby stores, or even Wal-Mart. I used different red and gold ribbons to tie a bow around the top of the glass.

I placed a green candle in the center of each of the bowls, balanced “sparkling cranberries” I made using fresh cranberries.

Underneath each bowl is a 12″ square which I cut from a roll of holiday wrapping paper with a green background featuring a gold and white design snowflake. On top of each green square is a round sheer piece of material that has gold flecks in it – these, the ribbon used, and the gold decorative pieces placed around the bottom of the bowl were leftovers from the wedding.

I bought a large ten feet long strand of red flowers for less than $5. The flowers pulled right off the strand and I placed four around each bowl on top of the gold decorative pieces. After all of that I still ended up with more than half the strand of flowers.

At the end of the night the person at each table with a sticker under their chair got to take home the centerpiece on their table.

A view of one of the tables, you can see my truffles boxes at each place setting:

A truffle box with the centerpiece in the background:

4 Responses to “Christmas Party Table Decor”
  1. Ava Gaines says:

    how did u make snowy-looking cranberries?

  2. milieus says:

    Those are very nice centrepieces. I love the snowy-looking cranberries.

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