Our Wedding Cake

Last weekend was an exciting one for me. Sure, a lot of people get excited about celebrating New Year’s Eve. But this was not just any New Year’s Eve celebration for me. Not only did I have the honor of standing up as a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, but she also asked me to be in charge of the wedding dessert.

I just started writing a post about the NYE cake. As I began to write about using the same stand as I did for our own wedding in August, I realized that I had never posted about the wedding cake after the wedding! Before I can post the New Year’s cake, I think I need to post ours!

I did post a little “sneak peek” of our wedding cake just before our big day with promises of a full post with more photos after the wedding. More than four months later, I am finally doing that. As I explained at that time, I make this entire display cake. All tiers except the very top cake are styrofoam cake forms. The top cake which we cut into is real cake and I made that the day before the wedding. One of my mom’s cousins make the sheet cake that was served to guests. This cake stayed up all night because I wanted to be sure everyone could see it.

As it turns out, it is probably good that I waited so long to post. Now, I have the copyright to the images our wedding photographer took, which are far better than the pictures I took! Compliments to our wedding photographer Kelly McCormick for doing a great job of capturing the cake – the images in this post were taken by her and her assistant for the day.

Here is (most of) the cake display:

What you can’t see in the last photo is the cake in front, our Swarovski swan set looks beautiful on that mirror!

The swans were an engagement gift from my parents. On the evening we got engaged, we called my parents to tell them and then went to show Mr. Swan’s parents, who only live a few miles away. The next day we went to see my parents and they had this gift waiting on us. My mom, knowing how much I like Swarovski after my visit to the headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria a few years ago, bought these months before the engagement so she would have them to give to us whenever the day came:

And a close up:

And the fountain, I absolutely love the fountain (so much that I used it again in the cake last weekend!):

Here is a view of the tall cake on top:

The side tiers:

A close up of the flowers – I must also give props to our florist Melody, her daughter Robyn, and their other staff who did our wedding flowers, including these on the cake. Although I like to “claim” this cake, the flowers are what makes this cake so beautiful… not anything I did!

And of course, the traditional cake cutting and feeding each other a piece of cake:

8 Responses to “Our Wedding Cake”
  1. Kelly McCormick says:

    Thanks for the props, Krista!….but I can’t wait for you to see all the images we took of your desserts for Danae’s wedding!!! You do such a great job!!!

  2. Sydney says:

    I loved your cake before and I still love it 5 months later 🙂 Your mom’s pre-emptive purchase cracks me up but I LOVE IT!

  3. Sue says:

    You did an AMAZING job!

  4. Katrina says:

    Absolutely gorgeous cake, Krista!

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