A Place for the “Important” Things

Many friends have been in our house over the past few months and wonder how we “live” without a living room. We get questions such as, “What do you do in the evenings?” or “Where do you relax?” and of course “Do you even have a TV?”

Yes, we have a TV. It is temporarily located in our guest bedroom, which is temporarily our bedroom. We do have a living room, but it is (almost) completely empty right now. We are planning to start sanding the floor and refinishing it next week. Knowing our plans to do this, we decided it did not make sense to get furniture when we moved it and then have to find a place to put it while doing this project. Hopefully within the next month we will have a furnished living room. I am sure we will love having a living room when it is finished, but for now we have been busy enough working in other parts of the house that we haven’t really missed it.

There is one small thing in our living room, a place for the “important” things. It is along the little wall between the kitchen and living room that sticks out just far enough to border the refrigerator on the kitchen side. I have known for months what I wanted to have on the living room side. A bookshelf for my cookbooks of course!

And to finish it off, I had Mr. Swan hang a wine rack above it. I bought this wine rack back in October on a trip to several wineries with some girlfriends. I originally pictured it going in the kitchen, but at that time we didn’t even have a countertop in our kitchen. Once the kitchen was farther along, I realized this wine rack was going to stick out from the wall too far to be in the kitchen. It was originally a silver metal color which I didn’t think would look right in the living room. I gave it a few coats of spray paint to get it to the much more fitting brown color it is now.

The wine rack would hold six bottle of wine, but for right now we just have four bottle up there and all of them have a story. One is from a winery in North Dakota that we visited on our trip to my work conference in Fargo in June. Another one is also from that trip, which we picked up at a winery in Iowa along the way. The other two we got on our honeymoon. One from Bar Harbor, our favorite stop on the cruise we took. The winery it was from had a tasting room in town that we went to. The other was bottled in Nova Scotia; we picked it up at a restaurant there that also had a wine room.

On the bookshelf is an “antique” Paula Deen kitchen scale which we received as a wedding gift and a large Bennington Potters pitcher that we received as a shower gift from my mom and sister (it matches our dinnerware and you may remember this big bowl on the kitchen island? That was also a shower gift from my mom and sister). Melody, who did all of the flowers for our wedding, also made this arrangement for us in the pitcher.

We may not have couch, or a table, or a TV in our living room… but we did make space for the recipes and the wine. What does that say?!

The pictures aren’t the greatest quality – when the living room is completely finished and I post pictures of the whole room I’ll aim to do a better job.

4 Responses to “A Place for the “Important” Things”
  1. Lisa says:

    Your arrangement looks so cozy and well put together.

  2. Kate says:

    Love it, of course you must keep these as priorities!! 🙂

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