Milk Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – Secret Recipe Club

The December posting date for my Secret Recipe Club group is here! In case you haven’t been keeping up on my blog (or any others others participating), here’s a little background on the group. Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’ developed the idea for this club several months ago and it has grown to include four large posting groups! Click the link to visit the Secret Recipe Club and to find out more if you are interested in joining or seeing great recipes from bloggers in this and other groups. Each group’s posting date is a different Monday of the month. So check Secret Recipe Club each Monday and look for the reveal post there, or anytime to see a new feature on one of the most favorite or most unique posts every day.

This month my assignment was the blog “Kitchen Trial and Error” – short for “Isn’t Everything in the Kitchen Trial and Error?” Clever title! Despite have quite different lives, Kate, the author of the blog, and I do have quite a bit in common.  We are close to the same age and (fairly) recently married. Both work full-time jobs during the day and enjoy baking/cooking and blogging purely as a hobby… and started our blogs for some of the same reasons!

I really enjoyed browsing through Kate’s blog. She has such a wonderful mixture of recipes – you can find almost anything you want to cook or bake in her recipe list! And she has pumped out 264 posts in less than two years. That’s more than 3 each week! I envy her dedication to making that happen with a busy work life. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been slacking on my recipe posts for several months now – it’s horrible that this is only my 7th post since mid-August! Please stick with me – I’m hoping to get back to it in January!

After considering several different recipes including Knock-Off Mongolian Beef, Apple Cider Glazed Chicken, and Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Bars… I finally decided on something completely different: Milk Chocolate Cookies.

I was drawn to these cookies because the recipe was so unique. I also had the idea to top these with crushed peppermints to make them a festive Christmas cookies! Kate adapted the recipe from Rachel Ray Everyday Living. I assume the recipe came from her magazine but I tried to find it online so I could compare.

What makes this recipe so unique? First you melt chocolate and butter on a double broiler – I then transferred mine to a bowl to cool:

Add sugar, eggs, and vanilla to the chocolate mixture:

Stir together dry ingredients in a separate bowl (this is the Pampered Chef 2-cup Prep Bowl):

Finally, stir dry ingredients into chocolate/egg to complete the dough.

The first time I made these mine turned out flat – they deflated in the center. I tried again, increasing the flour to 1/2 cup. That helped a little but I still had the same problem. I’m wondering if it was my chocolate possibly (Hershey’s)? I think I will try these again with a different kind. Despite the flat cookie appearance these was SO unbelievably tasty that I wanted to use the recipe!! Quite possibly the richest, most delicious chocolate cookie I’ve tasted. And Kate’s turned out beautifully so I’m sure the cookies can come out thicker like hers. Any secrets I should know, Kate?!

I also love the peppermint on top of these – it makes these the perfect cookie to add to your Christmas baking list!

Milk Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (adapted from Kitchen Trial & Error, adapted from Rachel Ray Everyday Living)

  • 15 ounces Milk Chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1/2 cup Flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder

Melt chocolate and butter over a double boiler. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. Beat eggs, sugar, and vanilla together until thick and fluffy. Whisk together flour, salt, and baking powder in a separate bowl. a separate bowl. Add the melted chocolate to the egg mixture while beating on low speed. Stir in the flour mixture until incorporated. Refrigerate dough 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (F). After dough has chilled, drop by rounded spoonfuls onto cookie sheets and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and top with crushed peppermint. Bake another 5 minutes. Cool on cookie sheets about 5 minutes then remove to cool completely.


Click the image below to see the links to all of the great posts from other bloggers in my Secret Recipe Club group!

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7 Responses to “Milk Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – Secret Recipe Club”
  1. Lori Marcovecchio says:

    So… is the only peppermint what is crushed on top? The recipe doesn’t address that.

    • meettheswans says:

      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you! I just realized this comment was mixed in with tons of spam comments! Yes, the cookies are only topped with crushed peppermint. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Astrid says:

    I want some! never mind they deflated I bet they are delicious!

  3. Kate says:

    hi krista, i’m so sorry they deflated! i honestly don’t remember doing anything too special when i made them – maybe too much baking powder? i did make my cookies really big – the pics on my blog are kind of deceiving – they were probably a good 4 inches in diameter. maybe that had something to do with it? sorry i don’t have a better answer – but the peppermint, i am LOVING it!

  4. They look fantastic to me! They look great all crinkly like that! And the peppermint on top makes them look very festive!

  5. There’s nothing like a chocolate peppermint combo for a perfect holiday cookie.

  6. Jaida says:

    Yum, these are making my mouth water!! Great choice for SRC!

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