About The Site

I am sure most of you can figure out that I (Krista) am the one writing on this site and that is how I will refer to myself, and I am also sure you can figure out who “Mr. Swan” is.

This site is packed full of information and ideas related to a number of different areas….

Although our August 2010 wedding date is now past, life has not slowed down! Although our wedding day was exciting, we know spending the rest of our lives together is much more important than a single day. We will share some of the ideas we used in our wedding, plus other ideas we come across that we like from weddings we go to. In addition to that, wedding cakes that I make in the future will be featured in the “Say I Do” section.

We recently purchased a house in July 2010 and we the remodeling projects are under way. We share our ideas and our “before and afters” in the “Around The Home” section, as we make the house into our home.

I previously had a blog called “In the Kitchen with Krista” which I began in April 2009. All of the posts from that blog have been transferred to this site in the “Kitchen with Krista” section. I will continue to share my baking and cooking experiences and ideas for new recipes there as well.

In the past I have also done some cookbook and product reviews. Cookbook and kitchen product review, plus new reviews related to the other categories feature on this site will be continued under the “Reviews” tab.

All posts can be found on the home page and “The Whole Mix”.

We look forward to having you join us and would love to hear from you, to find out how to “Contact Us” click here.

I also want to note that the wonderful pictures of us on the home page and on the “Meet The Swans” page were taken by Kelly McCormick of Kelly McCormick Photography.

One Response to “About The Site”
  1. Great site with lot’s of wonderful information. I am happy to give your name for events!

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