11.13.10 Wedding Cupcakes

You may have seen these Cheesecake Truffles I made for a wedding on November 13. As I mentioned in the post I also made cupcakes for the wedding. The wedding reception was located at a winery fairly close to where the bride grew up. The building was designed like a barn and the reception was … Continue reading

Fall Themed Winery Wedding

I made cupcakes and truffles for a wedding on November 13. The reception was held at a winery located fairly close to where the bride grew up. This winery was the perfect setting for a rustic fall themed wedding reception. The color scheme was chocolate brown, deep purple, and burnt orange – and of course … Continue reading

Cheesecake “Truffles”

More than a year ago I was asked to make cheesecake truffles for a wedding on November 13 – I’m also making the cupcakes and small cakes so watch for those posts next week. I always use the same base truffle recipe and I add flavoring oils to get the flavor requested. I have made … Continue reading

2 Upcoming Giveaways

Look at me putting giveaway in the post title, it’s always such an attention getter! Even better with you make it plural and say “giveaways”! Want to know what I’m giving away? And how to enter? Keep reading… The first giveaway is sponsored by CSN Stores. Remember them? In case you don’t remember, CSN has … Continue reading

Our Wedding Photos

I actually had a different post in mind for today but… when I woke up and saw that our photographer had posted our wedding photos online, I couldn’t resist featuring her today. I think she did an amazing job, so I am going to brag on our photos a bit. The photo I have added … Continue reading

Our Wedding Invitations

I hadn’t planning on making invitations. In fact, I was set against it. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to save money making your own invitations if you buy nice paper. These ended up being about $1 per invitation. Admittedly, these were on the lower end of prices I saw in magazines, but you … Continue reading

The Swans Are (Almost) Home

We are back to IL from our wonderful honeymoon (a New England & Canada Cruise – more on that in a future post) but we are not quite home just yet… we will be by tomorrow night though, when we move into our (part-way) remodeled home! Getting married, going on an eight day trip, trying … Continue reading

08.21.10 Our Wedding Day

Our wedding day was August 21, and it was an absolutely beautiful day! Everything went smoothly, there is nothing I could have done to make the day more perfect… well, except for adding a few hours to the day. But, I don’t feel too bad about not being able to accomplish that! Thank you to … Continue reading