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One Response to “Contact”
  1. Laurie says:


    I was over on Tues. with Dorrie checking out some blogs and saw your post about signing up..if they open it again.

    I ended up joining a group called Baking with Dorie, in fact I was over looking for a recipe as it’s my turn in sept. to pick. I have the book, but was looking for reviews of what others had already made. It sure is hard to decide. They all look so good. Anyway, I am sending you the link in case you would want to join! The group is fairly new but have done about a dozen recipes I would guess so far. They post every other Monday. The leader has the group approved by Dorie. There are a few rules to follow with posting. I have just started. I plan to do the ones I missed too.

    My food blog is new but I have had a stamping blog for 3 years now…I love blogging!

    I’m glad I found your blog…off to read some more…

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