Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake with Dense Eggless Brownie Crust

It’s that time again, another round of the Secret Recipe Club! Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’ came up with the idea earlier this year. She maintains the list of participants and assigns the recipes. The “club” is open to anyone with a food blog. Click here to fill out the form to participate in the future! … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ginger Surprise Cupcakes

This is my first time participating in a group called “Sugar High Friday’s“. I really like groups like this because someone selects a recipe or theme and it forces me to make things I wouldn’t normally make. The theme for November is “Desserts with a Hidden Surprise” selected by Heather of Souffle Days I recently … Continue reading

Cheesecake “Truffles”

More than a year ago I was asked to make cheesecake truffles for a wedding on November 13 – I’m also making the cupcakes and small cakes so watch for those posts next week. I always use the same base truffle recipe and I add flavoring oils to get the flavor requested. I have made … Continue reading

Oreo Swirl Brownie Bars – 12 Weeks of Christmas

Yesterday Mr. Swan and I were discussing Christmas… He said, “I know it’s still far away, but it always comes so fast.” I said, “Yes, it’s 10 weeks away”. He replied, “Wow! Not like you’re counting down or anything…!!” I laughed and reminded him of how I am participating in the “12 Weeks of Christmas” … Continue reading

Red Velvet Cheesecake Stars, Topped with Blueberries

The 4th of July? What? It is here already? Growing up, the 3 months of summer always went by so quickly, much more quickly than any other 3 months of the year. Not to say I did not enjoy my summer breaks, but I actually loved school: elementary, Jr. High, High School, College, Graduate School… … Continue reading

Brett’s Birthday Cheesecake

Brett’s 25th birthday was one week ago. In honor of his day, I made him a cheesecake, which I guess is one of his favorite desserts? He says he doesn’t like cream cheese, and yet, he seems to love the mashed potatoes I make with cream cheese, the chip dip his mom makes with cream … Continue reading

Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake

If you haven’t checked out “Smitten Kitchen” yet, I would recommend it. The “chocolate” section is definitely my favorite place to go on the site… I saw the recipe there for Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake and I had to give it a try. Plus it just so happened that Brett had been requesting cheesecake for about … Continue reading

Chocolate Grasshopper Cheesecake

I wanted to make a “green” dessert for St. Patrick’s Day next week and when I saw “Chocolate Grasshopper Cheesecake” in a recent Betty Crocker newsletter, I could not resist choosing it! I used a combination of mint oreos and regular chocolate ones. I am not a huge fan of mint, so I didn’t want … Continue reading