Fudge Brownie Pie

A group of my friends recently had a “pie party” in which everyone brought a pie to share. I knew I would not have time that day to bake the pie so I chose a pie that I could prepare ahead of time and serve frozen. I found this recipe on page 175 of the … Continue reading

Chocolate Oat Cookies

While these two recipes are very different, I suspected they would turn out similarly, or at least looking similar. Both recipes are from the Favorite Brand Name Baking cookbook I have used before – every recipe includes a “brand name” ingredient and I think most of these recipes are from the back of those packages. … Continue reading

Banana Rum Brownies

Another recipe from the Favorite Brand Name Cookbook. The Banana Rum Brownies are found on page 158 of the cookbook. This recipe uses a brownie mix to begin with. I actually used a homemade brownie recipe, and was disappointed in how these turned out. I suspect that it may be better to use a brownie … Continue reading

Chocolate Dipped Almond Crescents

Another recipe from the “Brand Name Baking” cookbook. This recipe – found on p. 80 in the book – requires few ingredients. I have seen recipes for similar cookies before, but I have never made cookies that I had to shape like this before. I found that the more I made, the better my crescent … Continue reading

Brownie Marshmallow Krispie Bars

I recently picked up a new cookbook called “Favorite Brand Name Baking”. As the title suggests, the recipes use “brand names” such as “M&M” or “Nestle”, etc. From what I can tell, I think many of these recipes are probably from the backs of products. I have only had the chance to make a few … Continue reading