Finally Functional

A few weeks ago I announced that I had become a Pampered Chef Consultant AND I sponsored a giveaway of a Pampered Chef Limited Edition Holiday Pumpkin Dish! I am excited to announce the winner is Kendall Crow – the reason I am so excited is because when I saw she was the winner I … Continue reading

A Special Annoucement & Giveaway

I have a special announcement to make… I am now a Pampered Chef consultant! As someone who loves the kitchen, I (of course) love the products and leading the “cooking shows” at the parties is something I am really excited about! If you are not familiar with Pampered Chef, click here to visit the website. … Continue reading

An Opportunity To Share & Giveaway Winner

On our honeymoon we chose to have a set dining time, meaning that each evening we dined with the same people and had the same wait-staff. The others at our table were a couple from Dallas and two couples from New Jersey. They were wonderful people! We quickly discovered we had religion in common (7 … Continue reading

Brand Loyalty & Apple Butter Cookies

UPDATE 10/7/2011: I was THRILLED to see the  CSI Project challenge theme for the week “Fall Food”! How amazing is that?! Click here to see all of the delicious challenge entries! Uhh-mazing! Apple Butter Cookies fit the theme perfectly, so I’m entering this recipe/post! A few years ago my dad had to go through the … Continue reading

2 Upcoming Giveaways

Look at me putting giveaway in the post title, it’s always such an attention getter! Even better with you make it plural and say “giveaways”! Want to know what I’m giving away? And how to enter? Keep reading… The first giveaway is sponsored by CSN Stores. Remember them? In case you don’t remember, CSN has … Continue reading

Crockette Mac & Cheese / 1st "Bloggiversary" Giveaway

I started my blog in April 2009 and have successfully completed my first year as a “blogger” (see my first true “blog post”). I have had a lot of fun so far and hope to continue and expand my blog in the future. You have probably learned by now that I look for “excuses to … Continue reading

St. Louis Cardinal’s Cake PLUS Giveaway Coming Soon…

This post is FULL of important information… so keep reading. First of all, April marks the one year anniversary of this blog… I can’t believe it’s been a year. In honor of my one year “blogiversary”, as I believe it would be call in the “blogging world”, I am doing a giveaway later this month. … Continue reading