Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake with Dense Eggless Brownie Crust

It’s that time again, another round of the Secret Recipe Club! Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’ came up with the idea earlier this year. She maintains the list of participants and assigns the recipes. The “club” is open to anyone with a food blog. Click here to fill out the form to participate in the future! … Continue reading

Strawberry Pie Filling

Strawberry Pie is one of my favorite desserts that does not involve chocolate. This recipe for strawberry pie filling can be poured directly into a baked pie crust or a graham cracker pie crust to make strawberry pie. Straight from the local home cookbook I ofter refer to: 3 Tbsp. corn starch1 2/3 c. cold … Continue reading

Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Here is the recipe for a simple graham cracker crust. The same or similar recipe can be found on boxes of graham crackers and graham cracker crumbs. Many recipes call for more butter in proportion to the graham crackers than I have in my recipe below, but this is what I usually do: 1 3/4 … Continue reading

Apple Pie and Pie Crusts

While I was at home this weekend my mom needed three pies…. So I made homemade crusts using the always reliable and tasty Betty Crocker recipe included below. Two empty crusts which my mom made into chocolate pie and pecan pie: And a third which I filled with apples I cut and froze from our … Continue reading